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Game Notes - Game 8: Mets vs Astros (04/13/2005)

What a game! Great pitching on both sides, with Ishii throwing a lot of strikes. He still walked three batters, but it was a much better overall showing than last game. Reyes picked up the GWRBI. Some thoughts on the game:

  • Jose Reyes has no walks this season. Victor Diaz has three (!).
  • Mike Piazza is hitting .130/.259/.304
  • Eric Valent is hitting .133/.235/.133 in 15 at-bats
  • Roberto Hernandez has pitched 4.1 innings and allowed one hit, no walks, and struck out seven.
  • The Mets are 14th in the league in runs scored, seventh in the league in batting average (.274), 12th in the league in OBP (.327) and eighth in the league in slugging (.422).
Today at MetsGeek, Jeremy has a piece on the decline of Mike Piazza and OFF urges everyone to Free Heath Bell.