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Game Notes - Game 9: Mets vs Astros (04/14/2005)

SWEEEEEEEEEEEP! Another exciting game last night, as the Mets completed a sweep of the Astros, winning 4-3. After losing the first five games of the season the Mets have now won their last four. Some thoughts on the game.

  • Though he allowed only three runs in six innings (technically a quality start), Victor Zambrano was not very good last night. He allowed nine hits and four walks for a WHIP of 2.17. At times he looked okay, and at other times he had zero control.
  • The Mets were very fortunate to win this game. Their offense continues to sputter against league-average (or worse) pitchers like Brandon Backe, Aaron Harang, Eric Milton, etc.
  • Jose Reyes was the hitting star again, driving in the tying run, stealing second, and scoring the go-ahead (and eventual winning) run in the seventh inning.
  • Carlos Beltran drew two walks and picked up a single to raise his OBP to .400
  • David Wright went 0-for-3 but drew a walk of his own, keeping his OBP respectable (.324). He is only hitting .219, and appears to be trying to pull the ball too much. He has a lot of power to the opposite field, so he probably just needs to relax a bit and let his instincts take over.
  • Wright's ability to take a walk is one thing that separates him from Jose Reyes. Even though he is slumping, Wright can remain reasonably productive by getting on base via the walk. When Reyes eventually hits a slump he won't have that to fall back on.
  • We should probably send Astros' manager Phil Garner a postcard or something to thank him for not bringing Brad Lidge in to any of the three games. His absence from Wednesday night's extra-inning affair was inexcusable.
  • In addition to not pitching Lidge at all, John Franco was allowed to pitch in all three games. Franco inherited four runners (two in Game 1, two last night) and allowed all four to score.
  • Doug Mientkiewicz is as-advertised with the glove: outstanding. He is hitting a bit better than advertised (so far), going .313/.343/.438.
Marlins come into town tonight for a three-game set. Josh Beckett goes against Aaron Heilman tonight. Yipes!

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