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Open Thread - Game 11: Mets vs Marlins (04/16/2005) on WPIX

 Starting Pitchers
Player Photo
 A. Leiter
vs. Player Photo
 P. Martinez
0-1 Record 1-0
3.38 ERA 2.40
7 K 21
5 BB 3
1 HR 1
 Florida  New York
J. Pierre J. Reyes
l. Castillo M. Cairo
M. Cabrera C. Beltran
C. Delgado M. Piazza
M. Lowell C. Woodward
P. LoDuca D. Mientkiewicz
J. Encarnacion D. Wright
A. Gonzalez V. Diaz
A. Leiter P. Martinez

Game time is 1:10 PM. I'm going to the game today, and our seats are just to the left of the Mets' dugout. Five other guys from are going to the game, too, and we're all bringing "Free Heath Bell" signs, so look for us on TV.