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Roster Moves

The Mets are stupid.

The Mets will apparently be bringing the following replacement-level pitchers northward:

Felix Heredia
Mike Matthews
Roberto Hernandez

While the following superior player is being reassigned:

Heath Bell

And another superior pitcher is in limbo:

Matt Ginter

There has been some talk that the Mets asked Felix Heredia to go on the DL in order to save a roster spot, but he declined. There's a chance the Mets might release him, which would be the best news I've heard in a long time. There is simply no excuse to lose a decent pitcher like Matt Ginter to waivers in order to carry two awful pitchers like Matthews and Heredia.

I also fail to understand the rationale of reassigning a pitcher just because he still has minor league options in order to avoid losing a pitcher (who has no options) who isn't any good in the first place (see: the aforementioned Matthews, Heredia, Hernandez).

I honestly haven't even seen Roberto Hernandez pitch this Spring. Has he been as bad as I would expect him to be? Is there any reason he should make the club at all? Can someone please answer these questions for me?


Kris Benson is going to miss his start this afternoon with pectoral soreness (chest) and will also swap starts this coming week with Kaz Ishii. Ishii will start on Thursday against the Reds and Benson will start on Sunday against the Braves, I believe.

Mike Cameron has significant soreness in his wrist, the likes of which he hasn't felt since after his surgery. Last I heard he was on his way to New York for precautionary x-rays.