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Game Notes - Game 14: Mets vs Phillies (04/19/2005)

Now that's what I'm talking about. The Mets' bats were on fire last night, pounding out 15 hits and 16 runs. Where were those bats against Randy Wolf the night before?

  • Every Mets' starter had at least one hit and all but Matsui and Beltran scored at least one run.
  • Victor Diaz continues to impress. He's now hitting .343/.452/.686 for the season.
  • Mike Piazza has his average up to .250 and his slugging is at a respectable .477.
  • Carlos Beltran is not playing well at all. He has only one stolen base this season, and is hitting .286/.355/.411.
  • What a difference a Cliff makes. Floyd is mashing the ball to the tune of a .333/.385/.583 clip this season. He's always had the ability, but his health has been a huge problem for him (and his team).
  • Heath Bell has been freed! Heath got into the game last night and pitched a scoreless ninth inning. He didn't allow a baserunner and struck out Todd Pratt.
  • Zambrano is actually pitching much worse than his ERA might tell you. He was pretty awful last night, but only allowed two earned runs (four runs total) and his ERA sits at 3.71 despite having a WHIP of 1.94!!

For those who don't know what an "Open Thread" is, it's an open forum for everyone to talk about some topic. We have an open thread here at the Avenue for every Mets game, and I encourage everyone to watch or listen to the game and post comments about what they see, what they're thinking, what just happened, etc. If you can't watch or listen to the game, you can get a good feel for what's going on by gauging other fans' reactions. It's a great way to vent when the Mets do something stupid (this happens a lot), and it's also fun to bask in the Mets accomplishments, like last night's franchise-record seven home runs.

So, if you're not currently participating in the game chatters, definitely stop by during the game and see what people have to say and chip in when you have something of your own to contribute.

Aaron Heilman goes tonight against Josh Beckett.

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