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Game Notes - Game 15: Mets vs Marlins (04/20/2005)

Whee! And the Mets spazmotic roller coaster ride continues. Mets checklist the last two days:

[ ] Whoop up on the Phillies.
[ ] Get whooped on by the Marlins.

Feel free to print this post out and play along.

Tuesday night, the Mets scored sixteen runs and issue a serious beatdown on Philly pitching, lighting up Vicente Padilla and Gavin Floyd for eight runs apiece in three innings apiece. Place a check mark next to "Whoop up on the Phillies."

Last night, much to nobody's surprise, the Mets got their whatnots handed to them by Josh Beckett & Co., while last week's hero Aaron Heilman mercilessly returned to form. The Mets lost this one 9-2, though somehow it felt much, much worse than that. Place a check mark next to "Get whooped on by the Marlins".

And there you have it. Checklist complete. I don't really have any good notes on this game because, quite frankly, I tuned out of this train wreck pretty early on. I will, however, take this chance to introduce a new feature of the game notes: Mets Stud and Mets Bum. For each game I will pick the best and worst Mets' player. Feel free to agree or disagree. Maybe you think someone sucked much, much worse than the bum I picked, or vice versa. Anyway, here goes...

Mets Bum: Aaron Heilman. To those who thought he had turned his entire disappointing career around with one terrific start last week, shame on us. Heilman gave up 11 (11!) hits and seven runs in four innings, for a game WHIP of 3.00 and an ERA of 15.75. (cue sarcastic clapping).

Honorable Mention: Kaz Matsui. Nuff said.

Mets Stud: Victor Diaz. Even against one of the top pitchers in the game, Diaz went 1-for-3 with an RBI triple and a run scored. He might have gone inside-the-park if he didn't spend so much time styling after he hit that triple, which would have been a two-run homer in every other park.

Honorable Mention: David Wright. Went 1-for-2 with a single, a walk, and a run scored. Average is up to .234 and, with all of the walks (9 in 47 at-bats), has a very solid .357 OBP.

Pedro takes on Big Al in a rematch of the game I attended last Saturday.

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