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Feedback: Enhancements to the Site

So the Avenue is starting to pick up some steam. We've had around 2,000 hits/day here consistently for the past week, which is really outstanding. I'm excited about the progress of the site, and thrilled that so many of you stop by to read and that a lot of you participate here via the comments or Diaries.

In an ongoing effort to make the site more useful, interesting, friendly, etc., I've added a few things in recent days to enhance the experience.

  1. I've added the NL East standings to the right sidebar so you can always know where the Mets currently stand.
  2. I added a "Numbers" feature to the sidebar which currently shows the vitals on the Mets' next game, but will be expanded to include other things like pertinent stats, etc.
  3. In addition to the starting pitchers and lineups for each game, I have added links to the Gameday, CBS SportsLine GameCenter, Yahoo! Box score and box score for easy access to these sites during and after Mets game.
This thread is for feedback about these enhancements as well as to provide a forum for suggestions for future additions to the site. What other information would you guys like to see? What regular features should be added? For instance, would you want to see a daily recap of the prior night's Mets' Minor League affiliates?