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It's Only One Game

What's done is done. Am I upset that the Mets didn't walk Adam "Donkey" Dunn, even though it meant putting the winning run on base? Maybe. Of course, little did we know that Looper was planning on giving up a homerun to Joe Randa, too, so it probably didn't matter much what Dunn did.

A lot of good can be taken from this game: Pedro Martinez is awesome. Carlos Beltran also is awesome. Jose Reyes might very well turn out to be awesome. The rest of this lineup is still pretty solid. In fact, this is the first time in a few years that I didn't have to pray for Mike Piazza to hit a homerun, knowing that the next eight batters weren't going to do diddly squat. I feel like everyone in this lineup can hit the ball, and I haven't felt that way about the Mets in a long time.

Most of the bad we already knew: the bullpen sucks. Mr. Koo was surprisingly effective, but Aybar was as advertised (gave up a couple of hard hit balls). Looper is the big wild card here, because we thought he was he only semi-reliable arm in the bullpen. One inning does not a bad pitcher make, but Loop is on a short leash as far as I'm concerned (which is a big threat, no doubt).