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Spot Starter

According to this article at, the Mets are seriously considering calling up Jose Santiago to start Saturday's game against the Braves, with Kris Benson already on the disabled list.

Jose Santiago, in case you didn't know, has never started a Major League game. Ever.

How the Mets braintrust can think this is a good idea is mind-boggling. Jae Seo and Aaron Heilman, both of whom have have struggled in the big leagues (Seo had a solid 2003 but struggled in 2004), are both far more qualified to make this start than Santiago.

Seo and Heilman could both be counted on to throw 80-100 pitches, even if they only made it through five innings. Santiago, historically a reliever, would probably top out around 60 pitches, which could leave the Mets going to their already-shaky bullpen in the fourth inning.

This is beyond absurd.