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Well, we're back where we started. Thirty-eight games ago the Mets were at the .500 mark, 0-0. As much as we fight the notion that the Mets are little more than an average ballclub, the team can't seem to break that characterization.

Sure, the Mets have battled injuries, most notably to their starting rotation. But right now it's the offense that's sputtering a bit, with everyone but Mike Cameron in some kind of slump. Jose Reyes is an automatic out. Ditto Kaz Matsui. Ditto Mike Piazza (despite hitting the ball fairly hard). If David Wright gets on base at #7 he has literally no chance of scoring with Matsui, Pitcher, and Reyes following after him.

Carlos Beltran, for all of his talents, has been a big disappointment to me personally. He came with the reputation of being an outstanding base stealer and a big power threat. He's managed to hit for a good average, hovering around .300 all year. That as much as anything has probably kept the fans and the media off of his back. He has but a single stolen base this season and six homeruns, all of which came in Pedro Martinez starts. His walk rate is down, he doesn't run out ground balls or double-plays, and he just hasn't done anything to impress me thus far let alone justify his humongous contract. That's not to say that he won't, just that he hasn't.

As you can tell I'm frustrated with this team. I look at them and I see a whole lot of talent, a whole lot of potential, and a whole lot of underachieving. Maybe I just see what I want to see, and this team really is only good enough to win half of their games. I choose to think they're better than that, and I expect them to be better than that. We'll see if they think so, too.