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Open Thread - Game 41: Mets vs Reds (05/18/2005) on MSG

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 Starting Pitchers

 E. Milton
 T. Glavine
2-4 Record 2-4
7.21 ERA 5.77
24 K 24
10 BB 24
14 HR 4
 Cincinnati  New York
R. Freel, RF J. Reyes, SS
F. Lopez, SS M. Cairo, 1B
S. Casey, 1B M. Cameron, CF
K. Griffey Jr., CF M. Piazza, C
A. Dunn, LF C. Floyd, LF
J. Randa, 3B D. Wright, 3B
D. Jimenez, 2B C. Woodward, RF
J. LaRue, C K. Matsui, 2B
E. Milton, P T. Glavine, P

Eric Milton has allowed an incomprehensible 14 (fourteen!) homeruns in 43.2 innings this season. I'll let that sink in a bit.

Mike Cameron gets the start in centerfield with Carlos Beltran getting his first day off this season. Willie Randolph said that he was so impressed with the way Cameron has adapted to playing right-field that he had no qualms about playing him in center when Beltran doesn't play. Kudos definitely go to Cameron on this one, who originally fought the move to right and was quite unaccepting of it. He has really sucked it up and looked really good out there, so he's earned the occasional start in his old stomping grounds.

Of course, that nice move is tempered by the inexcusable placement of Chris Woodard as the starting right-fielder today and the equally-ridiculous Miguel Cairo at first-base debacle. Just wow.

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