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Big News

I have two pieces of info to share with everyone.

Piece of Info #1: John Sickels, formerly of Down on the Farm and currently purveyor of the wonderful Minor League Ball will be hosting an "All Questions Answered" Thread here at Amazin' Avenue! The thread will be held next Wednesday, 5/25/05 from 2pm-3pm eastern time (1pm-2pm central time).

I will post an open thread and you guys (and me!) post your questions in that thread that you want John to answer. John will then answer as many questions as he can before collapsing in a heap.

Piece of Info #2: Fellow SportsBlogger Mike from Fish Stripes is organizing a trip to Shea the weekend of July 1-3 to watch the Mets take on the Marlins. If anyone is interested in going, let me know.

Mike has managed to secure a 20-person suite for the game AND an audience with one of the greatest mascots in the world, Mr. Met! I don't know if Mets fans are invited to sit in the suite (he may be looking for a Marlins-only entourage), but I credit Mike for coming up with a great idea that we can take advantage of at some point this season.

I guess it works out to around $30/person for the suite (~$600 for the suite for a game sounds pretty cheap, though). I'll try to get more information from him so that we can plan a trip of our own.

If you see any games later on this season that interest you guys, feel free to leave those ideas in the comments.