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A very clever title indeed, I told myself. Last night's game was a difficult one to watch. I promised my girlfriend (well, fiancee, though I'm not a big fan of that particular title) that I would try really hard not to spew forth torrents of expletives during Mets games. As such, I have taken to voicing my disapproval in the form of sarcastic exuberance, exclaiming "Woohoo! The Mets are losing 7-4!", or something to that effect.

It doesn't quite give me the feeling of power that a stream of f-bombs does, but it seems to get the job done.

To answer the question of the day: Yes, of course David Wright was not within reach of second base. And yes, of course it is never, ever called. And yes, of course the one time it is called happens to be in a close game down in Atlanta. Such is life, I suppose.

Quote of the day, as pointed out by DavidNYC in the diaries:

Mike Piazza, who was not in the starting lineup, spent his free time getting a baseball autographed by the radio commentator Rush Limbaugh. "It was like meeting George Washington," Piazza said.

Unless the US Government covered up the fact that George Washington was actually a fat, racist, pain-killer-addicted buffoon, I fail to see the similarities.

John Sickels is Coming to AA

No, John is not a raging alcoholic (I don't think). He's coming to Amazin' Avenue tomorrow from 2pm-3pm Eastern (1pm-2pm Central) and we will be hosting an All Questions Answered thread right here. Here's how it works: I will post an open thread tomorrow around noon, and you guys (and me!) get to ask whatever questions you have about the Mets' farm system and John will do his best to answer as many as he can.

As you know, John used to write the "Down on the Farm" column at and currently can be found on the SportsBlogs network at Minor League Ball. This is a rare treat, so let's get some great questions prepared for John!

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Update: Due to a scheduling conflict, John Sickels will be here from 12noon-1pm (not 2pm-3pm). I hope everyone can still make it.