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Willie Randolph Reads This Blog

Not only did he finally move David Wright ahead of Doug Mientkiewicz in the batting order last night, but according to, he's now considering batting Mike Cameron leadoff, something I first suggested a couple of weeks ago.

Jose Reyes has showed improvement this month, hitting .280/.321/.440 in May after hitting .260/.267/.413 in April. He also has six walks and seven triples in May after collecting none of either in April. I hope he is actually evolving as a hitter and not just experiencing a temporary upswing.

What's most encouraging is that he does seem to have a better approach at the plate lately. He is still swinging at balls in the dirt, but he looks to have combined his two early season approaches into one. At the beginning of April he was swinging at everything, very rarely taking pitches. At the beginning of May he was taking a ton of pitches and wound up watching his pitch sail by him in many at-bats. Now he seems to be working the count a little bit and waiting for his pitch. Let's hope he keeps it up.

Once again last night we set a new site-high for comments during a game chatter, breaking the 150 mark for the first time. Once again I'd like to welcome all of the new voices to the fold. A couple of things I want to mention about the game chatters.

(1) One of the things that separates this site from other commentable sites is the presence of "nested" commenting. What that means is that you can reply directly to another person's comments instead of just posting the next sequential comment in the thread. Doing so makes it much easier for others to know who you are talking to and makes it much easier to carry on conversations instead of just a long string of unrelated comments.

To respond to someone else's comment, just click the "Reply to this" link underneath their comment. This will bring you to a new comment page and will allow you to post your response to the original comment.

(2) Several people last night were curious what the cursing policy is here. I personally don't mind cursing, but I know that there are some people that do. The great thing about sharing this site with Mets fans is the emotion that we all bring to the table.

That said, all I ask is that you try to censor yourselves as best you can. If a real curse happens to slip out I don't really care that much. If at all possible, though, do try to disguise your profanities with ascii characters (e.g. s**t, f**k) or something to that effect. Don't worry: nobody is going to be banned from the site for a little bit of cursing. After all, cursing when the Mets suck is a big part of being a Mets fan.

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