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Drew, Weaver off the Board

Just prior to the midnight deadline last night, Stephen Drew and Jered Weaver signed deals with their respective drafters, officially removing themselves from next Tuesday's draft. Drew would have been a very intriguing pick for the Mets at #9 overall, but that's apparently no longer an option.

In other news, the Mets picked up a half-game on both the Braves and Marlins yesterday with both of those teams losing. The Mets now stand at 2.5 games out of first. Of course, they're still not playing particularly well, they've just been fortunate that no other team in the NL East has been able to run away with the division just yet. With all five teams lacking in one area or another, any team could get hot and jump out to a big lead. Why not the Mets?

Not sure if anyone caught this, but apparently after Sunday's game, Mike Dejean made an appeal to get the official scoring of a hit by Juan Pierre changed into an error on David Wright. Mike DeJean is like school in the summer: no class.

Over at Minor League Ball, John Sickels will be holding a mock draft this Sunday at 2pm, with readers of the site representing the different MLB teams. It should be a lot of fun. Some good discussion on the Mets' possible draftees is going on in this thread and this diary.

Also, Vinny is back up and running at No Joy in Metsville. Go check in and welcome him back.

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