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Roster Moves

Kris Benson comes off the disabled list today to make the start against the Phillies. Jae Seo has been sent back down to AAA to take make room. I was keeping my fingers crossed that Victor Zambrano would get the Bobby J. Jones special and get demoted, but no such luck.

Mike Cameron will also come off of the DL today, with Royce Ring saying "Smell you later" as he hops the bus bound for Norfolk. That means, of course, that the Mets are only carrying 11 pitchers at the moment. From what I've heard, Cammy will not be starting today, though I guess we'll all know for sure when the lineups are posted.

Jose Reyes, Walk Machine: After drawing an RBI walk in his last plate appearance on Tuesday, Jose Reyes pinch hit last night and drew another free pass. Hopefully the 800 lb. gorilla is off of his back now and he can relax a bit more at the plate.

Braden Looper, Smelly Pants: In 83.1 innings last year Looper gave up five homeruns. In 12 innings this year he's given up four so far. He's also walked 25% of his total from last year (4 compared to 16) in just 1/7th the number of innings. His K rate is also down. I have zero confidence in his ability to actually record outs in a professional baseball game.