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Open Thread - Game 66: Mets vs A's (06/16/2005) on FSNY

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 Starting Pitchers

 R. Glynn
 K. Benson
0-2 Record 4-2
5.73 ERA 3.58
10 K 33
3 BB 11
3 HR 6
 Oakland  New York
J. Kendall, C J. Reyes, SS
M. Kotsay, CF D. Wright, 3B
B. Crosby, SS C. Beltran, CF
E. Chavez, DH C. Floyd, LF
S. Hatterberg, 1B M. Piazza, DH
B. Kielty, LF B. Daubach, 1B
K. Ginter, 3B V. Diaz, RF
N. Swisher, RF R. Castro, C
M. Scutaro, 2B K. Matsui, 2B
Brian Daubach makes his debut for the Mets at first base. That's about it... wait, what's that? David Wright is batting second? *does dance* The only thing I have a beef with here is that Piazza is the DH and Castro is catching. The Mets would be better served with Piazza catching and Marlon Anderson as the DH, but I guess I'll take what I can get from Willie at this point.

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