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Friday Notes

  • I'm really excited that the Spurs won the basketball championship thingy last night. Of course, I would have been equally excited if the Pistons had won, as either way I would no longer have to tolerate the insufferable tedium of basketball for the next four months.

  • Yesterday was a great baseball day, as the Mets won and the Yankees lost. The Mets actually won a series for the first time in what seems like a month, taking the rubber match from the Phillies. The Yankees head into this weekend's subway *yawn* series *yawn again* on a down note, having dropped three-of-four to the Devil Rays.

  • I watched a bootleg copy of Madagascar last night, which is Dreamworks' latest digitally-animated film. I really enjoyed it, though it wasn't quite as good as the first Shrek flick. If you like animated films or if you have any kids, I would definitely recommend checking this one out.

  • Is anyone else completely tired of interleague play? I guess it's still kinda neat to play the Yankees, but the whole interleague thing I think has run its course, and it's probably time to go back to just intraleague play. From what I hear, they're thinking of changing the rules next season so that the teams will use the designated hitter in National League parks and the pitchers will bat in the American League parks, which will give fans a different perspective of sorts. That oughta buy them at least another couple of years of this nonsense before everyone is completely sick of it all.

  • Pedro takes the hill tonight against Mike Mussina in the Bronx. Mussina has been up-and-down this season, but Pedro has struggled a lot at Yankee Stadium of late, so this should be a good matchup, hopefully one that tilts in the Mets favor.
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