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Mets Suite Ticket Available

Hey guys. My buddy Mike over at Fish Stripes has organized a trip for a bunch of Marlins fans to go to the Mets game at Shea on Saturday, 7/1. They are sitting in one of the suites, and they have one (1) ticket available for the game. The ticket is $30 ($33 via PayPal), so if anyone is interested, shoot me an e-mail at eric @ metsgeek . com and let me know ASAP. The ticket doesn't include any food or parking, but it apparently includes an audience with Mr. Met and also would afford you the opportunity to talk trash to a roomful of Marlins fans.

Oh yea, I almost forgot. As part of the suite package, the Mets show your group name on the scoreboard. They apparently refused to show "Fish Stripes" because they support a rival team, so Mike was nice enough to have them show "Amazin' Avenue" on the scoreboard, which should be pretty sweet.

Anyway, first person to e-mail me about the ticket gets first dibs on it, so let me know sooner rather than later since the game is on Saturday. If you're too lazy to e-mail me, just leave a comment on this post and I will e-mail you with the details.