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Open Thread - Game 57: Mets vs Giants (06/05/2005) on ESPN

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 Starting Pitchers

 J. Schmidt
 K. Benson
3-1 Record 3-2
5.08 ERA 4.21
49 K 31
29 BB 11
6 HR 6
 San Francisco  New York
M. Tucker, CF J. Reyes, SS
O. Vizquel, SS K. Matsui, 2B
J.T. Snow, 1B C. Beltran, CF
M. Alou, LF C. Floyd, LF
P. Feliz, 3B D. Wright, 3B
R. Durham, 2B D. Mientkiewicz, 1B
E. Alfonzo, 3B V. Diaz, LF
M. Matheny, C R. Castro, C
J. Schmidt, P K. Benson, P
One of the reasons the Mets continue to struggle to keep their heads above water is that they constantly make replacement-level pitchers look like Cy Young candidates. There's no reason the Mets shouldn't have scored 5-6 runs off of Brett Tomko in the first game of the doubleheader, and yet they only managed one run, knocked in by the pitcher Ishii.

The Mets are currently tied for last place with the Marlins. A win in tonight's game would vault them into a tie for third with the Phillies, one game behind the first-place Nationals. A loss will push the Mets a half-game deeper into last place, though still only two games out of first.

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