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Open Thread - Game 61: Mets vs Astros (06/09/2005) on WPIX

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 Starting Pitchers

 A. Pettitte
 T. Glavine
3-6 Record 4-5
3.47 ERA 4.63
47 K 34
14 BB 29
5 HR 6
 Houston  New York
C. Burke, LF J. Reyes, SS
E. Bruntlett, CF M. Cameron, RF
J. Vizcaino, 2B C. Beltran, CF
L. Berkman, 1B C. Floyd, LF
M. Ensberg, 3B D. Wright, 3B
J. Lane, RF C. Woodward, 1B
A. Everett, SS R. Castro, C
B. Ausmus, C K. Matsui, 2B
A. Pettitte, P T. Glavine, P
*rubs eyes*

Wright batting fifth? And all it took was Woodward and Castro in the lineup together. The Mets have no choice but to win this game if they want to keep any shred of self-respect. They lost to the Astros last night, but dropping the series to the NL Central bottom-dwellers would be particularly demoralizing. It would also put the Mets on the doorstep of becoming NL East bottom-dwellers.

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