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Open Thread - Game 91: Mets vs Braves (07/16/2005) on WPIX

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 Starting Pitchers

 T. Hudson
 V. Zambrano
6-5 Record 4-7
3.78 ERA 3.58
51 K 62
39 BB 50
8 HR 5
 Atlanta  New York
R. Furcal, SS J. Reyes, SS
K. Johnson, LF M. Cameron, RF
M. Giles, 2B C. Beltran, CF
A. Jones, CF C. Floyd, LF
A. LaRoche, 1B D. Wright, 3B
R. Langerhans, RF D. Mientkiewicz, 1B
B. McCann, C R. Castro, C
W. Betemit, 3B M. Cairo, 2B
T. Hudson, P V. Zambrano, P
Douggie Eyechart comes off the disabled list today and gets the start at first. Reyes puts on a hard hat and is in the starting lineup despite splitting his fingernail on that bad hop that cost the Mets the game last night. Al Leiter was traded to the Yankees and is starting tomorrow at Fenway Park. Leiter is going from a pitcher's park in a pitcher's league to a neutral park (Yankee Stadium) in a hitter's leage. His ERA was already almost 7.00, so it's anybody's guess what the AL will do to it. Red Sox hitters must be salivating at the thought of it.

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