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Open Thread - Game 80: Mets vs Marlins (07/02/2005) on FOX

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 Starting Pitchers

 B. Moehler
 K. Benson
2-6 Record 6-2
3.05 ERA 3.69
46 K 38
23 BB 19
6 HR 9
 Florida  New York
J. Pierre, CF J. Reyes, SS
L. Castillo, 2B M. Cameron, RF
M. Cabrera, LF C. Beltran, CF
C. Delgado, 1B C. Floyd, LF
J. Encarnacion, RF M. Piazza, C
D. Easley, 3B M. Anderson, 2B
A. Gonzalez, SS D. Wright, 3B
M. Treanor, C J. Offerman, 1B
B. Moehler, P K. Benson, P
Mike Piazza is back in the lineup, which means David Wright gets dumped back into the 7-hole. Jose Offerman gets the start at firstbase, meaning the Mets are starting two glorified pinch hitters at first and second. How they win any games is sometimes a mystery to me. Nevertheless, if the Mets can win this afternoon they will wrap up their fourth consecutive series win.

Today's game is on FOX, which means the volume should be turned off and WFAN should be on. It also means more shameless advertising than a team of Fran Healys could shake a stick at.

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