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Open Thread - Game 96: Mets vs Dodgers (07/22/2005) on WPIX

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 Starting Pitchers

 J. Weaver
 V. Zambrano
7-8 Record 4-8
4.26 ERA 3.51
84 K 68
31 BB 54
18 HR 5
 Los Angeles  New York
O. Robles, 3B J. Reyes, SS
C. Izturis, SS M. Cameron, RF
J. Kent, 2B C. Beltran, CF
R. Ledee, LF C. Floyd, LF
J. Phillips, C D. Wright, 3B
H. Choi, 1B M. Piazza, C
J. Werth, RF D. Mientkiewicz, 1B
J. Repko, CF M. Cairo, 2B
J. Weaver, P V. Zambrano, P
The site was down for most of the early part of today so I didn't have a chance to post anything new today. I'll try to get some good stuff up this weekend. Check out OFF's article at for a quick primer on some of the names that have been rumored to be on the move.

As for tonight's game, the Mets go for their fifth consecutive win and hope for another strong outing by their starting rotation. Vic Zambrano takes the hill against Jeff Weaver as the Mets try to inch closer to contention.

UPDATE: The Dodgers' lineup is absolutely putrid. That is all.

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