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Open Thread - Game 97: Mets vs Dodgers (07/23/2005) on WPIX

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 Starting Pitchers

 D. Houlton
 P. Martinez
4-3 Record 11-3
5.64 ERA 2.60
59.0 IP 135.0
43 K 143
24 BB 24
7 HR 9
 Los Angeles  New York
O. Robles, 3B J. Reyes, SS
C. Izturis, SS M. Cameron, RF
M. Bradley, CF C. Beltran, CF
J. Kent, 2B C. Floyd, LF
R. Ledee, LF D. Wright, 3B
O. Saenz, 1B D. Mientkiewicz, 1B
J. Werth, RF R. Castro, C
J. Phillips, C M. Cairo, 2B
D.J. Houlton, P P. Martinez, P
If the Mets can avoid letting Jeff Kent, the only established offensive player in the Dodgers' lineup, from beating them, they will stand a much better chance of winning these games. It helps that Pedro is pitching this afternoon, and that the rest of the NL East keeps losing.

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