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Open Thread - Game 98: Mets vs Dodgers (07/24/2005) on WPIX

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 Starting Pitchers

 B. Penny
 K. Benson
5-5 Record 6-3
3.40 ERA 3.40
106.0 IP 95.1
65 K 57
18 BB 24
7 HR 11
 Los Angeles  New York
O. Robles, 3B J. Reyes, SS
C. Izturis, SS M. Cameron, RF
M. Bradley, CF C. Beltran, CF
J. Kent, 2B C. Floyd, LF
J. Werth, RF D. Wright, 3B
H. Choi, 1B M. Piazza, C
M. Edwards, LF D. Mientkiewicz, 1B
M. Rose, C M. Cairo, 2B
B. Penny, P K. Benson, P
We had another site outage of all of the SportsBlogs sites last night and into this morning. The hosting servers had gone down and left all of the sites offline for about half a day.

There are a lot of rumors floating around regarding the Mets, including one about Manny Ramirez that seems unlikely to materialize into anything. Mike Cameron continues to be on the block, and there are a lot of playoff-hopefuls who are in desperate need of an offensive center-fielder. If the Mets have any designs on making Cameron available, the demand will never be higher than it is right now. There are a lot of good first-base prospects out there, and a glove/bat like Cameron could fetch one of them. Arizona's Conor Jackson seems untradeable, but he's about as good as they come.

On the field today, the Mets try to take the rubber game of their series with the Dodgers. Kris Benson takes the mound against arguably the Dodgers' best starter in Brad Penny.

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