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More Soriano Babble

Not much new today, though Will Carroll is reporting that ESPN Radio Dallas was indicating this morning that a deal was done (BP link):

Thursday, July 28, 2:35 p.m. ET: ESPN 103.3 in Dallas was reporting this morning that Alfonso Soriano had been dealt for Mike Cameron and Lastings Milledge. As yet, there's been no additional confirmation, so I don't think this deal is as close as our friends in Dallas think it is. With that said, it does appear that there's fire behind this smoke. Tom Hicks may have said he doesn't want to trade Soriano, but I think the billionaire would be willing to make a deal he didn't want if it made sense
Cammy AND Milledge would be too much, unless Texas was inclined to throw in Adrian Gonzalez. Stay tuned, people.