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Floyd for Soriano?

More from Will Carroll:

Friend of BP Bruce Miles has a couple interesting notes in his latest column at the Arlington Daily Herald. He says the Cubs aren't talking with the Angels about Corey Patterson and that the Cubs' interest in the Soriano deal might not be focused on Soriano at all. The Rangers and Mets could get the Cubs involved another way, moving Cliff Floyd to Chicago in return for a couple of their pitching prospects (Sergio Mitre? Todd Wellemeyer?) moving to Texas. My best New York source doesn't like this deal--"It leaves a hole in the outfield for the Mets"--so we'll keep listening.
Does Floyd instead of Cameron for Soriano make more sense? Floyd is more of an injury concern and less adept defensively, but he's certainly a more important bat in the lineup. Floyd for Soriano straight-up (ostensibly) doesn't necessarily make the Mets a better team, but it does make them stronger at a generally weak position (2B) and weaker at a generally strong position (LF).

Does that open the door for a Glavine+Milledge+BertHernandez for Manny+Shoppach deal? Potential Mets 2006 Opening Day Lineup:

Jose Reyes, SS - $500k
Carlos Beltran, CF - $17m
David Wright, 3B - $500k
Manny Ramirez, LF - $20m
Alfonso Soriano, 2B - $10m
Mike Cameron, RF - $7m
Paul Konerko, 1B - $10m
Kelly Shoppach, C - $500k