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Mini Manny Update reports that the Manny deal is still alive.

The proposed three-team trade involving the Red Sox, New York Mets and Tampa Bay Devil Rays -- with Boston outfielder Manny Ramirez at the heart of it -- is still alive and still being discussed, baseball sources said Saturday.

The proposal took on a different shape late Friday into Saturday, however.

The Red Sox would acquire Mets outfielder Mike Cameron and pitcher Aaron Heilman, and Devil Rays outfielder/designated hitter Aubrey Huff; the Mets would get Ramirez, reliever Danys Baez and shortstop Julio Lugo; and the Devil Rays would still get four prospects, but the prospects are being reconsidered.

An official with one of the three teams told that the Mets never walked away from the deal Friday night over money. Rather, it was over their reluctance to let go of Lastings Milledge, one of their top prospects. Saturday, however, the Mets have softened on that stance.

If Milledge is still included in the current proposal, Red Sox prospect Hanley Ramirez gets thrown into the mix. Milledge would potentially go to the Red Sox, and Ramirez would get shipped to Tampa Bay.

So is the deal now Cameron, Heilman and Milledge for Manny and Danys Baez? Why do the Devil Rays have to be involved at all? Why can't it just be Cameron and Heilman for Manny, and let the Red Sox work out their own deal with the D'Rays? I can't say I like where this is all going. Stay tuned.