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Open Thread - Game 84: Mets vs Nationals (07/06/2005) on MSG

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 Starting Pitchers

 L. Hernandez
 T. Glavine
12-2 Record 5-7
3.32 ERA 4.95
74 K 44
47 BB 38
7 HR 7
 Washington  New York
B. Wilkerson, CF J. Reyes, SS
J. Vidro, 2B M. Cameron, RF
J. Guillen, RF C. Beltran, CF
W. Cordero, 1B C. Floyd, LF
V. Castilla, 3B D. Wright, 3B
M. Byrd, LF M. Anderson, 1B
B. Schneider, C R. Castro, C
J. Carroll, SS M. Cairo, 2B
L. Hernandez, P T. Glavine, P
It's hard to tell if Willie has given up on the Mike Cameron leadoff experiment after two games, or if he's just switching back because Mike Piazza is out of the lineup. The only good thing I can say about this particular machination is that David Wright is deservedly batting fifth. Why in the name of Joey Fatone won't Willie Randolph throw Brian Daubach a frickin' bone? He's struggled since being called up, but he hasn't exactly been given much of a chance to show what he's got. The guy has hit big league pitching in the past and he was demolishing AAA pitching before being called up and allowed to start a handful of games before being relegated to the bench.

Marlon Anderson has been hitting well, so this rant is actually more about last night's game, where Willie started a clearly-hobbling Chris Woodward against a righty instead of Daubach. Woodward proceeded to flail away uselessly in all of his at-bats, some of which were actually in big situations.

The Willie Randolph Stupid Move of the Game last night had to go to his non-intentional walk of Jose Guillen in the bottom of the seventh. With the game still within reach at 2-0 and Jose Vidro standing on second with two outs, Randolph allowed Pedro to pitch to Guillen instead of putting him on first and going after Carlos Baerga. Bad Willie. Just bad.

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