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Ugh.. Open Thread

I'm not even upset about the game last night. It's like when your kid does something so unbelievably stupid that you're not even mad at them. What you are, however, is just utterly disappointed.

I watched the Mets take a 3-1 lead on TV, then got in the car and hopped on the GSP to head down to Ocean City for the weekend. I kept the game on in the car, and relaxed as the Mets stretched their lead to 5-1 heading into the bottom of the ninth.

What happened next can only be described as the biggest letdown to this point in an otherwise mediocre season. After taking three of four from the first place Nationals, the Mets held a four-run cushion, needing only three more outs by the least-prolific run scoring team in the National League. Well, by now we all know that the Mets squandered that lead and eventually lost the game in extra innings.

What can you do? I can sit here and piss and moan about it, and believe me that feels awfully good. But I won't, because I just don't have it in me today. I'm down at the shore, and I'm going to relax and let the memories of last night's disaster wash away.

So that means you guys get to pick up the slack. What were your thoughts during the meltdown? How does it compare to other disappointing losses the Mets have suffered in recent years? Why didn't Looper throw something other than a fastball? Why did Willie leave him out there for the 10th?