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The Aftermath: Game 113

Here is the second game of the San Diego series, aka The David Wright Show.

(What the hell is this Win Probability stuff anyways?)

Mets Stud: David Wright, with 25.6% WPA
Mets Dud: Jose Reyes, with -4.7 WPA

After dominating the Mets at Shea Stadium in July, the Mets laid waste to Brian Lawrence in San Diego, as his junkball routine just wasn't fooling anyone this time around. The Mets have done notoriously poorly this season against pitchers who have little "stuff", so it was nice to see the floodgates open against Lawrence.

David Wright is awesome. I will have to find out for sure, but I believe that he was in the league long enough in 2004 to qualify as a year of service time (somebody please correct me if I am mistaken). That would make this season his second year, meaning he has one more season left as an indentured servent. Following the indentured servitude are three years of arbitration, in which the player belongs to the club so long as the club is willing to take that player to arbitration. The player's salary for that season is then determined by an arbiter, unless the team and the player can come to a salary agreement beforehand. It is common for teams to buy out one or more years of arbitration by offering the player a long-term deal (a la Albert Pujols' seven-year deal). I think the Mets and David Wright have a mutual desire to keep David here for a long time to come, and I have every reason to believe that they will do so and that David will be rewarded handsomely.