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The Aftermath: Game 115


(What the hell is this Win Probability stuff anyways?)

Mets Stud: David Wright (big surprise), with 36.1% WPA
Mets Dud: Braden Looper, with -38.4 WPA

On a night where Victor Diaz made his triumphant return to the big leagues, some shoddy late-inning pitching performances ruined the whole thing. Victor Zambrano pitched fairly effectively through six innings but lost all control of the strike zone in the seventh. Aaron Heilman came on and had nothing, allowing three runs to score before recording an out. A timely strike-em-out-throw-em-out double play prevented further damage. Looper then came on in the 10th and retired the first two batters before serving up a super-sized meatball to ex-Yankee farmhand Dioner Navarro, who swiftly deposited it into the right-center field stands. Game over, 2:30am, what do I do now? I sag my shoulders, shake my head, and go to sleep. The Astros won so the Mets fall to five game back in the Wild Card. Is this the end?