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Open Thread - Game 118: Mets vs Pirates (08/16/2005) on MSG

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 Starting Pitchers

 M. Redman
 K. Benson
5-12 Record 8-4
4.75 ERA 3.54
147.2 IP 122.0
80 K 76
46 BB 31
13 HR 14
 Pittsburgh  New York
C. Duffy, CF J. Reyes, SS
F. Sanchez, 3B M. Cairo, 2B
J. Bay, LF D. Wright, 3B
D. Ward, 1B C. Floyd, LF
R. Mackowiak, RF M. Piazza, C
J. Castillo, 2B V. Diaz, RF
H. Cota, C C. Woodward, 1B
J. Wilson, SS G. Williams, CF
M. Redman, P K. Benson, P
Kris Benson takes the mound with an opportunity to repay the Pirates personally for the smack that Lloyd McClendon talked earlier this season. The Mets are still relying on Ice Williams in centerfield, and that will continue to be a sore spot until the Mets replace him with something more reminiscent of a Major League ballplayer.

The Mets have so many hitters right now that I just consider an automatic out at this point. Whether it is real or imagined, I fully expect the following players to do absolutely nothing productive every time up:

Miguel Cairo
Chris Woodward
Ice Williams
Jose Offerman
Marlon Anderson
Kaz Matsui

That's six guys out of the 13 position players on the roster, one of which is Carlos Beltran who isn't playing at all and should be on the disabled list. The Mets will have a lot of problems scoring runs from here on out, so they are going to have to make the most of their hitting and get solid pitching if they want to remain competitive.

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