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Win Probability: Game 109

Win Probability graph for last night's game against the Cubbies (click to enlarge).

(What the hell is this Win Probability stuff anyways?)

This game was a whole lot easier to watch than Thursday's debacle against the Brew crew. The Mets were basically in control throughout, and the bullpen and Willie Randolph's managerial acumen were given a much-needed night off.

David Wright was the only player on the Mets with a negative win probability added. Despite having a productive game in going 0-2 with three walks and a stolen base, Wright's two outs came early in the ballgame when the outcome was still very much in question. His walks came later in the game when the Mets already had a comfortable lead, so the impact of those plate appearances on the outcome was significantly lower than it would have been were the game still on the line.