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Open Thread - Game 150: Mets vs Marlins (09/20/2005) on MSG

The Mets play spoilers tonight at Shea as Kris Benson takes on future Met A.J. Burnett. Be sure to check out my half-assed preview of the series over at MetsGeek.

Also, if anyone is interested in a "free" iPOD Nano you can sign up for one at (link is my referral code). I was pretty skeptical but the first time around I actually got a fourth-generation 20gig iPOD from them for free. I was able to take that to the Apple Store at Palisades Center and upgrade it to the 40gig model for just $75.

A good signup is actually Blockbuster Online, which I use myself. It's a pretty good deal even if you're not trying to get a free iPOD. The delivery time is good in New Jersey and I would suspect it is good in New York as well. They also throw in two free in-store rentals per month in addition to the unlimited rentals from their website.

Sorry about all that, but the Nano is sweet and I'm seriously Jonesing for one :)