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Open Thread - Game 151: Mets vs Marlins (09/21/2005) on MSG

It's Jae Seo vs Jason Vargas and I'm going to the game. My boss gave me tickets and then bailed last-minute so I had to scurry around to find someone who would take a front-row Mets ticket off of my hands.

Nobody wanted to go. I asked everyone I could think of, even people I don't like in the least, and everybody passed.

So I had to con the fiancee into going. She wakes up at like 6am to go teach and I told her I would bring my laptop so she could get some work done. She likes the Mets and all, but those were the conditions.

So off we go. Our seats are quite possibly the best in the entire stadium. They're the frontmost box two boxes to the left of the Mets' dugout (if you're looking at the dugout from the field). You can lean over the railing and look right into the dugout.

I'll be back with a recap later tonight or tomorrow morning. Great win last night for the Mets. Even when the games don't mean much anymore, a game-winning hit in extra innings by a rookie slugger still feels really, really good.

Let's go Mets!