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Pedro Could Be Done for the Season

It sounds like Pedro Martinez might have thrown his last pitch for the 2005 Mets. Pedro has thrown 217 innings this year and has appeared a bit weary of late, though his performance hasn't necessarily shown it.

"If we're thinking about winning next year - which we need very little, to my understanding, to actually have a very good, compact team - they should be thinking about the future. I'm here for not only one year; I'm here for four years. Those are three good years that you have probably an ace out there willing to go with you the extra mile to try to win. Win. I'm a winner and I've always been and I hope I finish like that."


"This is normal, how we feel," he said. "Except when you have a reason, when you have a playoff hunt, when you have big adrenaline driving you, sometimes those things are overlooked. At this point, we're just waiting to see when we're going to be disqualified or whatever, and it's not the same drive. I'm used to being in the hunt and being in the fight, fighting for every single out. We'll see."

If that's really it for Pedro this year, well, what more could you ask? The guy has been brilliant all season long. He has battled through some nagging injuries and has truly been the ace of a surprisingly-competent staff. His line to date looks like this:

   IP     ERA     H     K     BB     HR
 217.0   2.82    159   208    47     19
It would actually mark the first time since 1995 that Pedro had fewer strikeouts than innings pitched, but he still struck out just about a batter per inning, an outstanding ratio.

Here is a breakdown of Pedro's starts by runs allowed:

0 runs: 5
1 run: 7
2 runs: 7
3 runs: 5
4 runs: 2
5 runs: 5

The five starts with five runs allowed is a little bit surprising given his low ERA, but he never allowed more than five runs and 19 times (out of 3 1 starts) he allowed two runs or less.