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Open Thread - Game 155: Mets vs Nationals (09/25/2005) on FSNY

The stupid Mets keep winning games and are watching their shot at keeping their first round pick slip away. I like when they win and I find it difficult to openly root against them, but when they do lose I can at least take solace in the fact that it was helping the greater good.

Kris Benson takes the hill against John Patterson as the Nats look to salvage (??) the third game of this series.

Since SportsBlogs doesn't yet have a NY Giants blog and I know there are a lot of big G-Men fans that frequent this blog, I will be posting an open thread for tonight's Week 3 matchup against the Chargers. It's Eli Manning's first trip to San Diego since he forced them to trade him after being drafted prior to last season, so he should experience some hostile treatment from the fans. The game is at 8:30 pm on ESPN so I'll post the gameday thread around 7:30.