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Mets Network to be Called "SportsNet New York" informs us that the powers that be have finally decided upon a name for the fledgling Mets network: SportsNet New York. Here is the press release:

According to their official press release, SNY, which will debut in the spring of 2006, will air content 24 hours a day, seven days a week and will telecast up to 125 regular season Mets games next season. Additionally, the network's studio will be located in mid-town Manhattan, occupying the offices previously held by CNN

Mets broadcasts will feature a dedicated pre and post-game show and a "baseball central" studio with league updates. The network will also emphasize the team's players and personalities, while incorporating fan interaction and breaking news

"We are committed to becoming the first place that New Yorkers go for their sports news," the network's president, Jon Litner, told reporters. "SportsNet New York will be the destination network for sports fans in New York and the Tri-State area. The network will reach out to all New Yorkers and we will cover all of their teams and the events that are important to them." Mr. Litner emphasized, "We are fortunate to have some very strong partners in our network - Sterling Entertainment Enterprises, as well as Time Warner and Comcast, two premier media and technology companies who bring us outstanding leadership, operational expertise and very strong distribution."

In addition to airing Mets baseball, SNY will include three nightly "SportsNite" shows, followed by a daily "SportsRise" show throughout the morning with each show originating from the studio. They will also telecast pre-season Mets games and a full winter schedule, such as college football games and college basketball games, including The Big East and Big Ten.

It's not great, but it's not awful. It doesn't really scream "Mets Network" or anything like that, but it also doesn't pat iself on the back nearly as much as the YES network does. Since it will be carrying plenty of programming unrelated to the Metropolitans I suppose it makes sense to give it a more generic sports-like moniker.