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Open Thread - Game 139: Mets vs Braves (09/07/2005) on ESPN2

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 Starting Pitchers

 T. Hudson
 T. Glavine
12-7 Record 10-12
3.38 ERA 4.00
157.1 IP 171.0
99 K 77
50 BB 53
16 HR 11
 Atlanta  New York
R. Furcal, SS J. Reyes, SS
M. Giles, 2B K. Matsui, 2B
C. Jones, 3B C. Beltran, CF
A. Jones, CF C. Floyd, LF
J. Franco, 1B D. Wright, 3B
J. Francoeur, RF D. Mientkiewicz, 1B
J. Estrada, C R. Castro, C
R. Langerhans, LF V. Diaz, RF
T. Hudson, P T. Glavine, P
I challenge the Mets to surprise me tonight. I'm so fed up with them that I bet against them in my office pool. I picked the f'ing Braves -180. I will gladly lose that $180 of fake money should the Mets conjure up a myrical of biblical proportions and somehow manage to beat the Braves. In Atlanta. With Tom Glavine pitching. F***!

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