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Rainy Day Blues

Last night's ranout has some interesting implications on this series as a whole, not to mention the schedules of some disappointed fans. For starters, the extra day would allow Tony La Russa to start Chris Carpenter in Game 2 at Shea, increasing the likelihood that the Cardinals will go back to St. Louis with at least one victory. Nothing is guaranteed, but it's clear that Carpenter over Jeff Suppan is a big win for the Cards, and the difference between 2-0 and 1-1 is potentially enormous. It is unlikely that Carpenter would be able to start three games in this series unless tonight's game also gets rained out, but tonight's weather forecast looks pretty decent.

The lack of a second off day affects both teams' bullpens, but I think this is another kick in the groin for the Mets. The Cardinals have a number of LAIMs (League Average Innings Munchers) in their starting rotation; the Mets don't really have any of those. While Tony La Russa made famous the twelve man bullpen, based on his actions in the LDS there was every likelihood that Willie Randolph was going to go with the same pitching philosophy in this round: stick with the starter as long as you can afford to and then turn the game over to baseball's best bullpen. Five straight games means less rest for the relievers, which may ultimately work to the Cards' advantage.

It's not all bad, though. On the plus side, the extra day of rest will be beneficial to the Mets' ailing outfielders, as Carlos Beltran and especially Cliff Floyd can use all of the recovery time they can get at this point in the season. The Cardinals' Scott Rolen could also use some extra R&R, but I think this one benefits the Mets a little bit more.

The Tigers and A's have already played two games and at this point I just want things to get started in the National League. My Endy Chavez shirt was on and ready to go 6-0 last night for a game that never was. Tonight we can forget about all of the pre-series predictions and discussions about advantages and disadvantages and just play some damned baseball.