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Open Thread - NLCS Game 7: Mets vs Cardinals (10/19/2006) on FOX

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The team. The time. The playoffs. The contest.

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When NLCS tickets went on sale a couple of weeks ago I was disappointed to find that none of the three e-mail addresses I used to register for tickets were selected for purchase. My Dad, who still isn't really sure what e-mail is, got selected. He outsourced the job of actually buying tickets to me, and I was faced with a dilemma: do I (a) go for crummier seats to an early game, e.g. Game 1 or Game 2, that I am assured of seeing, or do I (b) buy better seats for a later game (e.g. Game 6 or Game 7) that may not be played. Money wasn't a consideration because any unused tickets get refunded. I went with the better seats to Game 7, figuring if the series actually went that far it would be a hell of an experience.

That was two weeks ago. In the here and now, I find myself with two tickets to tonight's game. The Mets trailed twice in this series: 2-1 and 3-2. Now things are all squared away and everything is set for a winner-take-all showdown, with trade deadline throw-in Oliver Perez going for the Mets and everyman Jeff Suppan going for the Cardinals. I've elected to brave the elements -- traffic, $26 parking, more traffic -- and will drive in to Queens from North Jersey. In a strange turn of events, my Dad can no longer go due to a conspiracy of the scheduling gods, so my trusty wife Kim will go in his stead, reliving her days has a high school cheerleader, only this time rooting on players who actually went on to do something with their lives.

I leave this site in the capable hands of the AA community; I'm sure you'll do us all very proud. I'll post as soon as I can once the game is over, hopefully elated.

Let's Go Mets!!