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Announcing the Amazin' Avenue Postseason Comment Contest

* * STICKY * *

Here it is, the first annual Amazin' Avenue Postseason Comment Contest. Here's how it goes. As you may or may not be aware, the Mets will be taking part in playoff baseball for the first time in six seasons. This is a good thing. A good thing for us because we get to watch the Mets play meaningful games, and double plus good for you because you can cash in on the Mets' success simply by taking part in the game chatters here at Amazin' Avenue.

The goal of this contest is to spark increased participation in the open threads here. Not just idle chatter, but meaningful contributions to the discourse. At the end of each game you will have the opportunity to nominate your fellow AA (?!) members for the title of "Best Commenter". At the end of the postseason (hopefully many weeks from now) I will aggregate all of the nominees and you will be allowed to vote for your favorite contributor. Democracy in action, folks. So it's all out there in black and white, here are the rules (these may be amended as needed).

  1. Everyone is eligible to be nominated. That means if you've been around since the beginning or if you just signed up today (or tomorrow, etc.), you can still participate and still win.
  2. Only those of you who have been members prior to today (10/2/2006) will be allowed to submit nominations. I apologize if this may seem unfair to those of you who will sign up after these rules are posted, but seniority means something here. This should not be a deterrent; you can still be nominated, you will just have to make an impression on an existing user. There will be plenty more contests during the offseason and into next year, so do sign up so you'll be in better position next time.
  3. You can't nominate yourself.
  4. Any nomination must be seconded in order to be considered. You can't second a nomination of yourself.
  5. Once the postseason is over, I will collect all of the nominees and open the vote up to the community. Only users who have been members of AA prior to today (10/2/2006) will be allowed to vote. You can still win if you weren't previously registered, you just won't have a vote. This is to prevent someone from signing up a bunch of times with various e-mail addresses and stuffing the ballot in his favor. Nominees will not be allowed to vote, either (for yourselves or for someone else). Sorry.
  6. The nominee with the most votes will win a copy of The New York Mets 1986 World Series Collector's Edition, a nine-disc DVD set that contains Game 7 of the 10986 NLCS along with all seven games of the epic World Series battle between the Mets and the Red Sox, along with a bonus disc of interviews and other goodies.
  7. Bonus rule: If we get enough participation (and the Mets last long enough) I may consider giving a set away after each series, not just after the entire postseason. That's up to you guys. If it gets crazy enough in here.
That's it. Good luck everybody.

Originally posted on Mon Oct 02, 2006 at 12:10:29 AM EST.