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WTF: Shawn Green is from Middle Earth

Prior to Sunday's regular season finale in Washington, Frank Robinson gave a farewell address that was both stirring and inspiring. I welled up at several points in the speech, and it was a heartfelt "see you later" from one of the finer ballplayers this game has ever known. No sooner had Robinson handed the microphone to his daughter than the Mets swarmed the home plate area to embrace Robinson. It was a touching moment as players and coaches alike hugged and shook hands with Robinson.

So I'm at my folks' house this evening thumbing through the New York Times when I came across this article by Jack Curry on the Mets' outlook heading into the postseason. And that's when I noticed the accompanying picture of several Mets waiting their turn to thank Frank Robinson for his contributions to the game of baseball. Everything seemingly normal. Oh, except for one thing. THE FACT THAT SOMEBODY FORGOT TO MENTION TO ME THAT SHAWN GREEN IS ELVISH! See for yourself (click to enlarge):

This would have been of particular interest to me because my uncle is half elf and half Jew, just like Shawn Green. Small world indeed.