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Case of the Mondays

I kinda took last week off from baseball in general, so apologies for leaving you guys hanging. I'm back on track full-time now, so expect daily goodness here, multiple times daily if you're good.

Later today or tomorrow I will kickstart the postseason comment contest nomination/voting. The Mets may have exited the postseason five wins too soon, but at least someone will walk away with a DVD set of the last time they did win the World Series.

This time of year is fun but it is also frustrating as hell. We're going to hear all kinds of rumors swirling about, trades, free agent signings, etc. Most of them are going to be complete horseflop, but I guess that's what makes the offseason so interesting. The Mets have made a lot of good strides these past two seasons and there is plenty to be excited about in Queens. The Mets won 97 games in 2006 and you can be sure that they will bring in at least one or two big names to offset the personnel that will be leaving.

Omar Minaya doesn't want to have to move his big three -- Lastings Milledge, Mike Pelfrey and Philip Himber -- if he doesn't have to. There are a number of interesting names out there, but if a huge name comes up that's not currently out there I think it's safe to assume that none of those three are untouchable. They won't be traded for a so-so player, but it someone like Jake Peavy or Carlos Zambrano (this is purely conjecture, and wishful thinking to boot), Milledge or Pelfrey could be out the door.

Dontrelle Willis's name will definitely come up, but the Marlins will no doubt want an arm and a leg for him and you can count me among those who aren't sold on his ability to anchor a championship rotation. The Mets may have to decide if he is worth two blue chips more than Barry Zito, who they can have for cash and possibly a draft pick if he is offered arbitration by the A's.

Anyway, once we get the postseason comment giveaway taken care of, we'll definitely have at least one or two more DVD sets to give away to keep you guys warm during the winter months. I'm thinking we'll have a "What would you do" offseason writing contest as well as a "What will happen" (i.e. who will be playing 2B, LF, RF in 2007) prediction contest. Fun stuff to keep us busy and thinking good thoughts about next year.

If you're bored and happened not to watch Saturday Night Live this past weekend, go check out Borat's appearance in the SNL video archive.