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SBNation Baseball Awards Voting

A few weeks ago, myself and the rest of the SBNation bloggers got together and conducted our own version of the BBWAA awards voting. National League bloggers were only allowed to vote for the National League awards, American League bloggers for the American League awards. The results of those ballots will be released this week beginning on Wednesday, and I'm excited to see our tiny little democracy in action. Hopefully we'll do a better job than the "real" baseball writers.

Here is the results schedule:

November 1st - AL and NL ROY
November 2nd - AL and NL MOY
November 3rd - AL and NL Cy Young
November 6th - AL MVP
November 7th - NL MVP

Here are a few teasers, some more revealing than others:

  • The AL Cy Young winner was unanimous.
  • The NL Manager of the Year winner is no longer a manager.
  • Eight players received first place votes for AL MVP.
  • The NL Rookie of the Year winner won by just two points, and did not get the most first place votes.
For what it's worth, here is my ballot for the National League.


  1. Carlos Beltran
  2. Albert Pujols
  3. Miguel Cabrera
  4. Ryan Howard
  5. Lance Berkman
  6. Chase Utley
  7. Nick Johnson
  8. Garrett Atkins
  9. Jason Bay
  10. David Wright
Cy Young
  1. Roy Oswalt
  2. Chris Carpenter
  3. Brandon Webb
Rookie of the Year
  1. Hanley Ramirez
  2. Ryan Zimmerman
  3. Dan Uggla
Manager of the Year
  1. Joe Girardi
  2. Willie Randolph
  3. Clint Hurdle
Feel free to post your own votes in the comments. I'll admit that the Beltran MVP vote was more wishful thinking as he was atrocious in September, but including defense and baserunning he wasn't as far behind Pujols in overall value as a lot of people might think.