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Barry Zito Open Thread

As it looks like the Mets have lost out to the Red Sox in their pursuit of Japanese star Daisuke Matsuzaka, they will turn their attention elsewhere in an effort to find a front-line-ish starter. Sources indicate that the Mets may have bid upwards of $38 million for Matsuzaka, so their loss in that race is not from lack of trying.

At, Jon Heyman indicates that the Mets will likely make a push to sign Barry Zito, who is a fine but unspectacular pitcher. Moving to the National League and back into the nurturing arms of Rick Peterson would undoubtedly help Zito, but many doubt whether Zito is worth the amount of money or the number of years that agent Scott Boras is peddling.

Heyman ruminates on other potential pitching targets, including anyone from the White Sox rotation, each of whom is said to be available for the right price. Other free agent starting pitchers include Gil Meche and Ted Lilly, both middle-rotation guys who stand to inherit a windfall of money in this bull market for arms.

The New York Post indicates that the Mets are close to bringing Orlando Hernandez back to the club, making El Duque a solid, reasonably-priced insurance policy should they be unable to find enough qualuty arms to otherwise fill out the rotation.

Tom Glavine is still unsigned, but my sources indicate that he is a 75% or better lock to come back to Queens next year. So let's assume that Glavine, John Maine and El Duque are locks for three rotation spots. How would you guys fill in the other two spots?