Reliever Pun Traded

Royce Ring and Heath Bell have been traded to the San Diego Padres for RHP Jon Adkins and OF Ben Johnson (not the Canadian, steroid-using sprinter, although he is fast apparently)

Adkins is 29 and  and had a 3.98 ERA in 54 1/3 innings last season, striking out 30 batters.  He doesn't exactly seem like a world-beater.  

Johnson, 25, is "athletic" (which, thankfully, doesn't mean what it usually means, which is "doesn't take walks") and batted .250 with 4 HRs last year.  He OPSed .758 in 120 AB last season, with an OBP of .333.  He could be good depth for the outfield, although his combination of outfield versatility, speed, and defense sounds a bit like Endy, not as fast, but with more power. Not to suggest that he and Endy couldn't co-exist, actually they could make a good platoon since Johnson bats right. His minor-league numbers look excellent, with a .398 OBP and .958 OPS in 2005 for triple A (at the age of 23, that's quite good).  

I think Bell is probably at least as good, if not better, than Adkins, but Johnson could be a good little pickup, and the Mets really don't need Ring with Feliciano.  I see the Pads testing both this season, and I'm not sure either Adkins or Johnson will actually be playing for the Mets.  


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