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BBWAA never ceases to amaze me

Brandon Webb has won the NL Cy Young award for 2006. I voted for Roy Oswalt, but Webb is far from a terrible choice. It's the runner up I have a problem with. Here are two NL relief pitchers:

        IP    ERA   SO   BB    HR   Sv  BlSv
Pitcher A   63.0  2.14   50   13     6   46    5
Pitcher B   72.1  2.24   94   21     7   40    5
Two terrific pitching lines, each belonging to an elite NL closer for a division winner. Pitcher B looks better to me: more strikeouts, better K/BB ratio, better HR/9 ratio, more innings pitched. Pitcher A had a few more saves and a slightly lower ERA, but was certainly no better than Pitcher B and was probably quite a bit worse.

So how is it that Pitcher A was considered to be the single-best pitcher in the league by twelve writers and one of the top-three in the league by twenty-three writers while Pitcher B was considered by none to be the best pitcher and by two to be one of the three best in the league?